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TAWNI HUNT FERRARINI is an economist, educator, and author who serves as a member of the Missouri State Board of Education, having been nominated by the governor in 2024. In addition, she is a faculty scholar with the Fraser Institute (Canada), the Council on Economic Education (Japan), the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (Michigan), and the Center for Regional Economic Research at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Until May 2024, she was the associate director of the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise, the director of the Economic Education Center, and the Robert W. Plaster Professor of Economic Education at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo.  

In her role as the Sam M. Cohodas Professor at Northern Michigan University (1998-2018), Dr. Ferrarini served as the university’s ambassador across 15 rural and remote counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She specialized in connecting various center entities to entrepreneurial activities, attempting to spur rural economic development through markets with an emphasis on international trade.


Dr. Ferrarini publishes in economic education, technology, and education journals. She is a co-author of Common Sense Economics (2016), Economic Episodes in American History (2019), and Teachers Can Be Financially Fit (2020). She earned her doctorate in economics in 1995 from Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied economic history under the 1993 Nobel Laureate Douglass C. North.


Council on Economic Education - Japan Meeting

Yoshi Nakamoto, President


Economics Fundamental Initiative Teacher TrainingPrague, Czech Republic

Jun 17-21

Economics Fundamental Initiative Teacher Training
Prague, Czech Republic

Jun 28

Aug 13

Tawni Ferrarini specializes in leading economic, personal finance, and entrepreneurship events. She also hosts webinars to reach people in remote locations or with restricted time or travel budgets, giving them an opportunity to learn more about developing practical online courses with rich content.


Tawni Ferrarini is here to help you with her innovative workshops and activities! She can help K-12 teachers to plan day-long activities that engages middle, high school or college students. In addition, she can even bring media correspondents to your organization and excite groups about the economic way of thinking. Schedule an event with her and bring sound economic reasoning to your groups!

Tawni Ferrarini's recent projects offer a learning opportunity for people from around the world to join her in exploring how to use sound economic reasoning to make financially sound and take steps toward crafting personally rewarding lives. Join Tawni to learn more in her short courses. Read more to find out how you can benefit from these projects!

If you're looking to learn more economics and acquire practical money management skills, Tawni Ferrarini's recent projects are the perfect opportunity. With her expertise in sound economic reasoning, her short courses can help you make economically sound and personally rewarding decisions. Get ready to explore these projects and find out how they can benefit you!

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